Interrupt Art Productions was founded in 1998 by photographer Mikael Kennedy as a way to promote and showcase the artists with whom he worked and traveled. The initial members of interrupt were part of the Seattle, WA household that Mikael had moved west to live with. In that house, composed mostly of unemployed musicians and photographers, was where interrupt’s first online gallery was constructed in the idle hours that filled the days there. Eventually the Seattle experiment was abandoned and members of interrupt returned east to work on an island 10 miles off the coast of New Hampshire. When they returned they travelled back with suitcases full of polaroids. Super 8 reels, and homemade recordings.

From there and from subsequent cities lived in more artists were gathered together and interrupt expanded. In the years since its conception interrupt has released limited edition music compilations, shot music videos, published photography books, and organized interdisciplenary gallery shows. Interrupt is a traveling entity shifting its home base around the country as the artists participating wander the country. The home base for interrupt currently resides in Brooklyn, NY

Today one of the main purposes of interrupt is to bring together artists from mediums that would not normally interact or work together; based on the belief that the visions of the works are the same, it is only the choice of tools that separate the artists. Interrupt also exists to encourage artists to continue the work they are doing by giving them a space to exhibit their their work both online and in galleries.

For more information about interrupt art productions or about what interrupt artists exist in your city please contact:

Mikael Kennedy

"if we cannot free our art, how can we expect our art to free us?"