'no direction'
i will take any ride heading out of here.

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i am bored in this city. walking the streets at night with an sx-70 stuck in my pocket. i look back to past years, to polaroids and i begin to realize belgrade is when people became less important to me. each place has words to describe it. vermont is all death, star island is an angry place, the most beautiful i have seen. seattle is sickness. i had to travel back in time to understand this time.
the on going work; documenting my travelling and wandering. a random collection of work that doesn't necessarily fit into any specific project, but images that i don't want to see lost in the mix.
(a work in progress)

Herman Hesse refered to it as ‘the mark of cain’; those who stood separated from their brothers because they strove for something more with their lives, and for that reason were accused of slaying them. You can see it in their eyes, in the desperation, in their genuine passion, in the way they hold themselves, in the way they live. My work is about the tempest inside. It is a fine art documentary, a vision constructed from collected images and tales of the people around me. The images are used to represent the struggle inside to find something of value or meaningful in life, to find something beautiful and hold onto it. It is my struggle but it is one that the people I photograph often relate to and place themselves in. I see these moments in their faces and attempt to gather enough of them on film to tell a tale of wandering souls, of searching for a way to live that leaves us feeling fulfilled and inspired, one that leads away from the sense of emptiness and vacancy that our culture breeds.

'The Continuing Storm'

(a work in progress)
the sequel to 'Still, Not Dead' -the continuing storm refers to the tempest inside. this is no longer considered a documentary but a fine art documentary. it is a vision constructed form collected images and tales of the people around me. it is the struggle inside to find something of value or meaning in life, to find something beautiful and hold onto it. it is my struggle but it is one that often the people i photograph relate to and place themselves in.


'Still, Not Dead'
b&w prints from three years of travels and wanderings with a group of artists in the united states. images produced with lomo graphic holga, self published collection in 2005 (500 numbered copies). limited copies still available.

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'Still, Not Dead'
Published 2005
by interrupt art productions
& 9:37 productions


'Kids Life Sucks'
"a continous stoned existance, riding in the passenger seat of a rusty old pick-up, we drive through the night. only street lights turn into stars through the water on the window." -unknown
three months living out of the back of a car or on the floors of strangers. kids life sucks is the documentation of lost and wandering youth. dissastisfied with the options presented to them and the past behind the search for something more to do with their time, and their choices often are only to destroy that time.
(2001) - 75 c-prints 16x20 foam core mounted

Polaroid Sx-70, 600 One Shot, Impluse cameras.
(1998 -2006)
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Polaroid 667 & 669


collection of images, 35mm, digital projections, medium format mamyia shots,disposable underwater cameras.


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The Continuing Storm

Still, Not Dead

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