Interview by Nina Potsdamer for 937 annual publication

Now Now (Australia) Interview and Galleries

Carolina Hedaya
Spring 2008 Polaroids

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. November 2001, Senior Thesis Show
9:37 Film Festival, Bristol, VT. December 2001, Group Show
Great Scott, Allston, MA, January 2005 Artist of the Month Show
First Light Gallery, Randolph, VT August 2005, Solo Show Press
Gallery 402 New York, NY, February 16 -March 4, 2006, Group Show
Valentines, Portland, OR, September 2006 Group Show
Ad Hoc Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, September 2006 'Down or Out' Group Show
Photography Resource Center, Boston, MA November 2006, [30 Luminaries To Watch]
Press Release PPRC Website
3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY December 2006 Group Show 'Story Annual Release Show' Flyer
Sugar Gallery, Portland, OR March 2007 Group Show 'NYC to PDX' Press Release
New Century Artists Gallery, New York, NY March 2007 Group Show [Group Show/Humble Media] Press Release

Guitar World - October 2005
MaximumRocknRoll - #265 June 2005
RockSound(UK)- #73 June 2005
AMP- #15 June/July 2005
SkyScraper- #19 Fall 2005
Decibel- #7 May 2005
Vision Magazine August 2007 (Beijing)

Plrds Collective Collection, Series #2, Spring 2005 (out of print)
Still, Not Dead Collection, May 2005 - interrupt art productions & 9:37 productions
Story Annual, December 2006 - Humble Media
306 [Polaroids by Mandy Lamb & Mikael Kennedy] November 2006
Passport to Trespass Volume 1 December 2006 (out of print)
Passport to Trespass Volume 2 April 2007

Polaroid Collective
Group Show, May 2006 & October 2007
Flak Photo
Passport to Trespass
Now Now Interview/Gallery
Film Wasters